Say NO To Perfectionism!

In business, productivity is key and when you’re running an online business by yourself, most likely from home, this couldn’t be more prevalent. With so many potential distractions it can be difficult to stay focused throughout the day. I know I’ve struggled and still do from time-to-time. Distractions, however, are not the main culprit in the lineup for who killed productivity. That crown is given to perfectionism.

Yes, that thing that so many people strive to achieve in their work is actually killing it. Let me be clear here. When I talk about perfectionism in this context I’m talking about spending far too much time making minor changes, coming back to a design day after day thinking “it’s not quite right” or tweaking that copy just a little more so that even the most astute of grammar fiends would be hard pressed to find any mistakes.

Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is accepting that you’ll make mistakes and receive criticism regularly. This is something to embrace though as it gives you something to improve on and display growth. That’s far more powerful than someone who achieves the very best but has nothing new to show.

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