The Best FREE App For Scheduling Posts On Instagram 2019

If you’re looking for an app that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts for free then look no further because I have found the best FREE app for scheduling posts on Instagram in 2019.

This is a must-have tool for anyone wanting to grow their Instagram following quickly and hands-off. Posting every day, especially multiple times a day can be very time consuming and can also be distracting. (No procrastination here!). So automating it makes it so much easier to stay consistent and ensure you have a continuous stream of posts attracting new followers and engagement.

Introducing LATER! No, I don’t mean I’ll tell you later, that’s actually the name of the app… “Later”.

I’ve tried a few post scheduling apps, not just for Instagram but other social media sites and I can say hands down that Later is one of the best. It has a super simple interface, with drag-and-drop to calendar scheduling. You can save captions and tags for use in future posts, which is great for including a bunch of niche hashtags for increased exposure. Best of all though, as long as your Instagram account is set as a business account, you can set your posts to be go out completely automatically; No need to keep the window open or approve it or anything like that. Winner! Another great feature of Later is that as you use images in your posts they get segmented and filtered out as ‘used’ so you don’t re-post the same image twice. Very nice touch, well-done developers.

It has a tonne of other features, such as an in-built image editor, post and channel analytics, story posting, the option to create a shoppable feed, search and repost and more. Some of these require an upgrade but having looked at the plans they’re quite affordable compared to other social scheduling apps.

You can check out my video review below.

Open your FREE account with Later and get 10 extra posts:

It’s important to note that this is a free plan so you are limited to the number of posts. Thirty per month and up to two weeks in advance. However, they have a referral programme that adds 10 posts to your allowance for everyone person you refer, up to 150. That would give you 180 posts per month in total or 6 posts per day. More than enough for growing your account. And you also get 10 extra posts for using someone’s referral link.

In summary, Later is, in my opinion, the best FREE app for scheduling posts on Instagram in 2019 and I highly recommend that you give it a go.

So don’t waste any more time, try Later now! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself). My link is below which is you use, you will get 10 extra posts and so will I, thank you very much!

Click here to start your FREE account:

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